Imagine you live in a society in which a certain percentage of the population can literally see how your brain works. Imagine the weird sort of invasive reports those guys could fill on you.

Anyways, this is part of Ângela’s academic record, in which everyone seems to be well aware of what her mental state!!!

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↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: The Bishop takes a file from the book and hands it to a surprised Eurico.

The Bishop: Would you mind reading this to me, young man? I'm afraid I'm not particularly skilled at interpreting these mental patterns you fellas draw.

Panel 2: A close up of the paper, showing a photo of Angela, text and a few circle diagrams with different brain patterns.

Eurico (off-panel): Hmm. Nothing remarkable. She's not in a good place.

Panel 3: The Bishop walks slowly with his back to Eurico as he continues to interpret the patterns.

Eurico (cont): Trouble with socializing and self-assertion. Her two-minute suggest she might be prone to depressive episodes. And if the thickness on layer delta is to be taken at face value, possibly due to trauma.

Panel 4: The Bishop looks back, to Eurico. He thinks in the Inspector's direction.

The Bishop (thinking): Aren't you forgetting something... Extractor?

Panel 5: Eurico, with his back to the viewer, so we can't see his face. He's still looking at the file.