Phylosophical discussion part 2: Spanish and Portuguese are actually different languages? Who would’ve thought.

Who guessed War as a concept the Foreigner knew??

is that a body?

↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Ângela and the Foreigner stand under the electrical tower, with the remaining of Mikhail's items still spread on the floor in front of them. The Foreigner is holding the sashe.

Ângela: It's a cultural thing. Meditans who live in Spain - where your carcass is most likely from - speak Meditan Spanish. Lusitanians speak portuguese. They're alike, but not the same. But if you go around speaking meditan spanish, we lusitanians will be suspicious of you.

Panel 2,3:

Foreigner: Meditans are your enemies.
Ângela (thinking): Should I be shocked the concept of ENEMY is not unfamiliar to you?

Panel 4:
Two posts, with broken phonelines, standing covered in plants between the tall grass. A crow rests on the top of the closest one. On the furtherst one, what looks like a hanging corpse.

Foreigner (off panel): I know what war is.