I draw a map. I draw a map right here!!

It’s been a long while many comic no map it was map time sorry I have a contract it says comic’s gotta have map.

Also since we’re here let’s look at the map, shall we? Look, to the south, it’s Coimbra (where the gang got together after the Foreigner was shot), then Nova Aveiro in the centre (which is already in the highlighted war zone) and O Porto (which is not in war zone!!) And there’s only one big secure road between them that is probably under the PDL’s watch! Great great

↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1:
Filipa, still next to her tractor, addressing a confused Foreigner.

Filipa: Does it look like I know?? Beats me what they do with unidentified flying objects in this country!

Panel 2:
The Foreigner approaches the two girls, Filipa is busy looking for something inside the tractor while Ângela adjusts her glasses.

Ângela: PDL's on our trail, tho.
Filipa: Yeah yeah, yeahhhhh. That's a problem. WE gotta avoid the main roads then.

Panel 3:
Filipa seems happy to find a road map.

Panel 4:
Filipa sits inside the tractor and opens the map.

The Foreigner: What about your carcass?
Filipa: ????
Angela: He means the tractor.

Panel 5: Filipa delivers information, with a map of Lusitania behind her. We see three cities on the map: O Porto to the north, Nova Aveiro in the center, and Coimbra to the south. The main road between the three is highlighted in red. We see the border with the meditan empire and a wide zone in the middle of the map highlighted on a different color. The main road goes through this area.

Filipa: Well, we could go through the woods, but... To get to Nova Aveiro, we have to go through a war zone. Now, the main roads are more or less safe, but I'm sure your PDL friends have an eye on them. Off-road is a... A shot in the dark.