Just in this general area, you have three meditan teams roaming around: one chops hands, the other chops legs, the other gauges eyes.

I’ll take suggestions of names and nicknames for the teams, let’s go, do your best.

Also look, it’s the Medtians-as-wolves metaphor I wish I had included in the comic years ago but didn’t have the narrative space for because this is the first time the story is being told from the Lusitanian perspective!!

Meanwhile, August’s right around the corner and O Sarilho is going to take a break (it’s when I take my vacay usually too!). So just go out for a walk, we’ll be back in September to finish this chapter with a final scene 🙂

↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Inside the tractor as they move away, the trio continues the conversation. Filipa looks stunned and the Foreigner has a hand inside his ear.

Angela: Maybe we can find someone to help us along the border - I mean, along the way?

Panel 2:
The stunned Filipa looks backwards to face Angela. She says nothing.

Panel 3:
Zoom in on Filipa's stunned face.

Filipa: You ever seen the war, girl? Do you want a summary?

Panel 4:
Different visions of black silhouttes of Meditan soldiers. They have the heads of wolves, and are attacking what looks like lusitanian silhouettes. Each of the 3 performs a different attack: the first is cutting a hand, the second a leg and the thirs one is bitting someone's eyes off.

Filipa (off-panel): Just in this general area you have three Meditan teams that go around destabilizing and pillagging everything. And those faithless, sociopathic wolves are not gonna stop and listen to you talking about foreigners, or angels, or carcasses!! They will shoot us dead! Or maybe we're lucky and they'll ust chop our hands, or legs, or gauge our eyes off instead!