We’re back!! O Sarilho is back right on the first of Setember! I hope you’ve had a good August, tell me about it 😀

Oh is that a crow are we going back to bird motifs does this mean anything? Prolly not.

Foreigner, please learn how to sit. What are you.

↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1: The trio travel to the mountains on the tractor. We can see a glimpse of the ocean, far away. A crow is looking intensely at them, and follows the tractor.

Filipa (off-panel, cont): Sorry to bring this to you, kid, but here? Better stick with the devil we know.

Panel 2:
Ângela stares out of the window, the reflection of trees against the glass. She's holding Eurico's mask on her hands.

Ângela: And these people you know... Can they help us?
Filipa (off-panel): They have access to the 'carcass', may the holy queen be my witness!

Panel 3: A view of the inside of the tractor, where the trio sit very close together. The Foreigner keeps moving around, and is now sitting in a terrible position. Angela looks at him. Filipa just looks tired.

The Foreigner: I must find the rest of me.
Filipa: Yeah yeah yeah, WE KNOW! You know what else we need? Weapons.