Light-hearted moments? In my webcomic? More likely than you think!!!

You think the Foreigner’s out there just being a giant baby and putting things in his mouth and being all ? wonder about stuff?

↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: Angela ponders, looking at Eurico's mask on her lap.

Ângela: We have no food, or gas... Or soap.
Filipa (off-panel): Right, yeah, huh... That too.

Panel 2: The Foreigner is holding his desluso mask and stares at it filled with determination.

Filipa (off-panel): Your friend can't go around dressed like that either.
Angela (off-panel): No, he cannot.

Panel 3: The Foreigner BITES into the mask with a loud CHOMP.

Panel 4: Angela slaps the Foreigner, and he immediately stops bitting the mask.

Angela: NO! That's YUCKY!

Panel 5: The gang drives into the distance. More mountains, although some of them seem to be on fire, and big clouds of smoke come out of them. The crow is still following them. We can also see big crosses along the road, the silhouettes of people pinned to them.

Filipa: Oh my God... Your angel is an idiot. And he looks like a Meditan idiot!
Angela: No, he doesn't! Not an idiot, anyway...
Filipa: Haha, oh come on!! That outfit alone is a warcrime!