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↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panels 1, 2:
Nikita stares at Daria, a crow on his shoulder. She stares back, attentive.

Nikita: My rules have not changed.
Daria: I understand, sir.

Panel 3:

Nikita, ominously, extends a hand towards Daria with a smile.

Nikita: Well, then. Welcome to my team.

Panel 4:
Pepper shrugs and sighs to a very relieved and happy Daria.

Nikita (cont, off panel): What about you, Muller?
Pepper: (sigh) Madrid wouldn't be fun without her anyway.

Panel 5:
Daria and Nikita shake hands.

Nikita: We leave tomorrow at 8h00.
Daria: YESSIR!
Nikita: What are you waiting for, then? Pack your stuff.

Panel 6:
A very excited and happy Daria drags her brother away, running.

Daria: OH BOY OH BOY, Thank you Major, SIR! You will not regret this!