I’ve been in France for three months now and only now I can say this is a comic page made in France.

↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Aurik points to his wrist, as Nikita goes up a flight of stairs.

Aurik: I need to call Vicky.
Nikita: See you in the morning.

Panel 2: Nikita is interrupted by a voice.

Steffano's Mom (vox off): Ah, if it isn't the 'Major'.

Panel 3, 4: Nikita looks upwards, seeing Steffano's Mother on the balcony drinking wine and obviously beyond soberness. She looks down on him with something akin to disdain.

Steffano's Mom (cont.): Always on the General's leash. Any luck raising your army? Or are you here to raise something else instead?

Panel 5, 6:
As Nikita doesn't answer, Steffano's Mom scoffs and returns to her drink.

SM: You're no fun.