Please don’t talk about murder conspiracies while I’m having my birthday pizza…

↓ Transcript
5 Panels

Panel 1:
People clap and cheer for Steffano's speech. Good vibes only.

Panel 2:
Steffano leaves the stage to meet Diana, who is clapping. He scratches his neck, positively slightly embarrassed.

Diana: Great speech, brother! Congratulations!

Panel 3:
Focus on Diana's smiley face as she slowly claps for her brother, smoking.

Diana: I almost believed in peace for a bit there.

Panel 4:
Shot of food on the table. Big focus on a pizza, with a couple slices taken off. There's also a salad.

Steffano (vox off): Now we just gotta make it happen.
Diana (vox off): Haha, clearly the easiest part!

Panel 5:
Steffano takes a bite of his birthday pizza, but he's interrupted by Diana's statement, so the mood is soured.

Diana (vox off): By the way, you should know dad and company took it to another room to discuss how to better get rid of you.