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7 panels

Panel 1,2: Steffano runs through the hall, but he's interrupted by one of the crows flying towards him.

Steffano: Jorge? If you're here, then...

Panel 3: Steffano, blushing, turns backwards.

Panel 4: Nikita is being attacked by the two other crowds.

Panel 5: Nikita, trying to hold his beret in his head, raises his eyes to finally meet Steffano. He's very rattled, but happy.

Panel 6: Steffano, looking away to a door nearby, gestures to Nikita.

Steffano: W-Wait for me, okey? I, uhhhh, I--- Just gimme a minute!!

Panel 7: A very confused Nikita, now with a crow resting in each shoulder and the third on his head.

Nikita: ...Ok?