I want all of you to note that Alessandro’s wearing short shorts.

↓ Transcript
3 Panels.

Panel 1: Alessandro turns to his son, shouting!! Steffano is quite startled.

Alessandro: IBERIA IS OURS! This family has started its conquest and I'll see to it that we finish it!

Panel 2: The rest of the family in the room seems a little disturbed with what Alessandro says next. Everyone's uncomfortable.

Alessandro (off panel): I couldn't care less for another piece of a LOBOTOMIZED computer! LUSITANIA DELENDA EST!
Steffano (off panel): So you admit it! You never cared if there was a Piece of God in Lusitania or not!

Panel 3: Steffano gestures to his father, who is now facing away from him.

Steffano (cont): You keep wasting Meditan lives for land we don't even need! The Senate is right: Lusitania is NOT a priority!