I looked at a Goya drawing once and I lost my goddamned mind

↓ Transcript
4 Panels

Panel 1: A painting depicting three dead mangled bodies tied to an olive tree, being scavenged by three very black crows.

Alessandro (off panel): My son, you and the Senate are SHORT-SIGHTED if you don't see the advantages of opening up the Atlantic for the Meditan Empire.
Steffano (off panel): Don't you mean the advantages for our family? All that land! all those seatrade routes! Are we not rich enough as it is, or are you that upset our fame as blood-thirsty necrophages has soiled the Senate's favour of us?

Panel 2: Alessandro's silhouette stands against pictures of fighting soldiers.

Alessandro: People died for the great Medita Augusta and you claim superiority over them, child!? You were never even near the battlefield and yet you claim to know of war!

Panel 3: Alessandro points at the big portrait over the fireplace with his glass of wine. The portrait features a woman holding a sword, with a crown of golden leaves over her head and on horseback. She very clearly looks like she belongs to the Corvo House.

Alessandro (off panel): It is because of weak men like you we can't fix Lusitania! We need to make a strong move, like in Gibraltar.
Steffano: AHAHAHAHA!

Panel 4: Steffano claps slowly and sarcastically, amused. Alessandro seems pretty peeved by this behaviour.

Steffano: Ahaha!! Aaahh, now there's the father I know and love! Advocating for genocide now? How classy.