The Struggles of Youth

Two new webcomics to SpiderForest about being in a new school and learning new things about yourself… with a twist.

The Nightmare Witch

The Nightmare Witch – Five children struggle to find a future living day to day with a condition that causes them to create monsters.

True Colors

True Colors – The first day of college is a big step…just don’t let the past trip you up. At least there’s free pizza.

↓ Transcript
5 Panels

Panel 1: Painting showing Steffano being ravaged by rotting deslusos.

Alessandro (off panel): I mean stopping the war sooner!! Ahh, but you like to think that everything can be solved by talking and talking, don't you, my pampered child? Those people are ANIMALS. You know what they do to our men. To their bodies. To their own people!

Panel 2: Alessandro violently shakes his glass of wine towards Steffano, spilling it.

Alessandro: Not everything can be solved diplomatically! Sometimes the only solution is spilling blood.

Panel 3: A shocked Steffano looks at the giant red wine stain in his candid toga.

Panel 4: Steffano addresses the rest of the people in the room, ignoring his father.

Steffano: You should reconsider following someone who will go down in history as a genocidal maniac who's too afraid to talk to God.

Panel 5: Steffano moves to leave the room, moving past Nikita on his way. Nikita smiles.

Steffano: Major, I need you to come with me.