I will warn you right now that the following pages include a lot of naked Steffano

↓ Transcript
7 panels.

Panel 1: Steffano scratches an eye while sitting in bed. He's not wearing anything, btw.

Steffano: No, you can go on.
Nikita (off panel): Are you sure?
Steffano: Or come back to bed, it's too early.

Panel 2: Nikita uses his other hands to help him get dressed, as the sash and other pieces of clothing float around him. Steffano, sitting in bed, observes.

Nikita: I want to visit a friend while I'm here.
Steffano: Oh. Okey.

Panels 3 to 7: Nikita using his hands to tie up several knots and move pieces of clothing while Steffano grows weary and nervous about it. Finally, Nikita's voice comes off panel to say: "Fine, I'll stop".