Taken from Talent Classification Proposal, by Parilla A. et al:

“Talent is the colloquial name for the mind-over-matter signs that have started manifesting in humankind for the past two centuries. These signs usually start manifesting in early youth and, like a muscle, can be trained with different degrees of usefulness. Approximately half of the population will exhibit Talent signs, but only one third of those will properly develop their skill. (…) Usage of [Telekinesis] in public is often considered a taboo subject in the Meditan Empire, and its development and training is not very sought after. However, a number of specific professions will rely on its application, which often results in training adults to become more proficient with their talent’s use.”

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↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: Steffano, sitting in bed, comes closer to a standing Nikita and extends his right hand.

Steffano: Nikita, please. You can touch me.

Panel 2: Steffano's extended hand starts trembling the moment the shadow of Nikita's other hand comes in contact with it. He recoils.

Nikita (off panel): Sorry.

Panel 3: Steffano looks at the hand he just withrew, which is still shaking. He looks nervous and sweaty.

Steffano: Don't be, I asked for it.
Nikita (off panel): You're terrified.

Panel 4: Steffano releases a tired sigh.

Steffano: I have to get used to it.

Panel 5: Nikita sits on the edge of the bed as Steffano looks at him, calmer.

Steffano: Your talent is just as much a part of you as your hands, or your eyes. I don't want you to feel you have to hide it around me.