It’s been one year since I went to France to spend the bigger part of a semester working on my PhD. I still have not finished my PhD.

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↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: Steffano and Nikita stare at each other. Steffano is laying on his tummy on the bed, Nikita sitting on its edge.

Panel 2: Nikita asks, serisouly.

Nikita: Did you mean it, last night?

Panel 3: Steffano buries his arms and part of his face on the sheets, looks up at Nikita.

Steffano: Have I ever lied to you?

Panel 4: A naked Steffano jumps out of bed on a single movement.

Steffano: Give me your chain, will you?

Panel 5: Nikita throws his chain at Steffano, who catches it with a hand by a big wooden closet.

Nikita: You know I can't sign contracts, right? Legally.