↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1: Steffano, with his back to the camera, looks inside the closet, where we can see an array of different colored, patterned clothes.

Steffano: Do you want to be my husband or not, Nikita?

Panels 2, 3: Nikita blushes and looks into the nothing for one panel. He changes expression ever so slightly before speaking.

Nikita: yes.

Panel 4: Steffano rips through a blue and white shirt with his teeth.

Steffano: Then we are. Contracts are secondary.

Nikita (off panel): Easy for you to say.

Panel 5, 6: Steffano shows Nikita the chain, which now has a medal with a feather attached to it with the cloth he ripped before. He attaches the chain to Nikita's uniform.

Steffano: Nikita, I'll do anything within my power to give you some autonomy. Until then...