Victor lived in this house. Victor was alive back then. Which means…

↓ Transcript
4 Panels. Flowery borders, sepia tones.

Panel 1:
Eurico gestures jovially towards Estanislau, who still looks a little aprehensive.

Estanislau: She's a stranger you first met on the street twenty minutes ago!
Eurico: What can I say, I am an excelent judge of character. Trust me on this.
Estanislau: I do. I just didn't take you for a charity kind of guy.

Panel 2:
Eurico looks serious.

Eurico: If she goes on like this, she'll find a way to die before Christmas.

Panel 3:
Estanislau raises an eyebrow.

Estanislau: How long she's gonna be here?

Panel 4:
They stand at the end of the corridor, near the main entrance. Estanislau folds his arms. In the foreground, there are posters with musical and academic themes, and DURA LEX SED LEX written on it.

Eurico: Not long, I guess. She'll find a godparent, I'm sure, and move out. The baptism is around the corner, anyway.