Look at these two LAW STUDENTS:

↓ Transcript
5 Panels, flowery borders and sepia tones.

Panel 1:
Ângela is cleaning her bruised face with a blanket that looks dirty, possibly with her blood. She's got Eurico's cape around her, and longer hair. She speaks without words.

Ângela (thinking): I HEARD EVERYTHING.

Panel 2:
Eurico comes into the kitchen and spreads her cape over the kitchen table. The kitchen is disorganized and not particularly well-kept.

Eurico: Are you from up north, Ângela?
Ângela: I-I'm from Viana, sir.
Eurico: Lovely accent you got there.

Panel 3:
Ângela sips some tea from a mug. She looks away from Eurico. The bruises on her face are clearly visible.

Ângela (thinking): Why are you asking me what you already know?

Panel 4:
Eurico whips out the needle and the wool, and tries to pass it through the needle's hole.

Eurico: I see. You're a long way from home, then.

Panel 5:
Eurico starts sewing her cape, which was ripped on the front.