Nikita, my guy, you’ve talked to this boy for what? Ten minutes? That doesn’t mean you’re married, chill

↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1,2:
As they cross the bridge, we can see the river below and the mountains.

Mikhail: Oh yeah? And CORVO? Is he not getting special treatment?
Nikita: What about him?
Mikhail: It's just that you've been talking a lot!

Panel 3,4,5:
The brothers crouch and Mikhail checks the distance with the Nocvics. Nikita grows more embarassed as the sequence goes.

Mikhail: Is he your boyfriend now?
Nikita: Y--YEAH.
Mikhail: Does he know?
Nikita: HE'S GONNA!

Panel 6,7:
A view of Mikhail's feet as he steps away, and one of Timóteo's dogs. There's a rusty roadsign next to them. Nikita is waving his Microwave Gun dramatically.

Nikita (emphasis): I'll tell him when the mission's over!!
Soldier (off panel): PATH IS CLEAR!
Mikhail: I don't know how you handle that heart!
Nikita: I guess it's my fate to fall in love too much to make up for you not falling in love at all!