Chosen Ones and Dark Destinies

These stories explore people with extraordinary powers… but a dark path to walk.

Aster and the Fire

Aster and the Fire – A failed Chosen One accidentally falls into the life of magic-fueled crime.

In This Darkened Land

In This Darkened Land – Enter the Chosen One and his mortal enemy, bound together by a curse which makes them feel each other’s pain.

↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1: Steffano addresses a very bemused Nikita, who shrugs at his words.

Steffano: You know how they are, how they see you. You didn't have to put yourself through that.
Nikita: You're not in charge of which risks I run.

Panel 2: Steffano mutters to himself, looking away while Nikita smiles in the background.

Steffano: Don't I know that.

Panel 3: One of the crows lands on Nikita's hand.

Nikita: It is a shame, though. I do have new information about the remaining pieces of the satellite and the Piece of God.

Panels 4, 5:
Steffano takes a hand to his forehead and then tries to calm himself down with a exasperated sigh.

Steffano: By Argon's bolts- This is just- CALM DOWN.

Panel 6: Steffano gesticulates towards Nikita as he explains his thoughts. Nikita is just folding his arms almost like none of this is his business. The crow sits on the porch nearby.

Steffano: My dad has been looking for an excuse to get this war started for decades - and you just happened to give him one, remember? - Finding the Pieces of God? Who even buys into that!? Alessandro Corvo HATES the Computers! It doesn't matter to him!